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phone app exploring :)

Earth ♥

i had an awesome visit with Douglas Hoekzema, aka Hoxxoh, at his studio in Little Haiti, Miami!

Stefanie Jasper

Today I think about how I am so fortunate to have been able to create a new life for myself and celebrate it’s loveliness!
I wish you all as much sweetness as you desire!

Stefanie Jasper
in Little Haiti

Stefanie Jasper
pencil sketch on paper, scanned and colored in with photoshop.

Three new pieces of mine in my dentist’s office!

Stefanie Jasper

sailing at midnight on the Delaware River…

Stefanie Jasper

Sailing at midnight on the Delaware River…

Stefanie Jasper


Playing with a new app :)


My nana died of breast cancer in 2010. As those of you on social media will know, there’s been a mass posting of ‘naked selfies’ in order to raise awareness and money for cancer research. One day, I went on Facebook, and my cousin had nominated me and with her selfie she had posted a dedication to my nana, and my great nana (who died in 2012 of cancer-related complications). Although I support the awareness and money raised for cancer research, the dedication my cousin had posted niggled at a part of my brain. To me, a naked selfie was too easy, too simple, to show how much the loss impacted me and us as a family.

This portrait is drawn from the last photo I took of my nana, with her headscarf and her clip on earring in the style of the Johannes Vermeer ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’. It’s a portrait that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but my frustration and emotional involvement have meant I’ve given up many times. This isn’t a perfect painting, but it’s my dedication to my nana.

Oil paint on cardboard

Beyond words…

my work in a client’s home.

53x80” Dibond aluminum print

Stefanie Jasper